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Which Tyres To Go For

People often think a tyre is just a tyre and they all will do the same job, yes they do BUT it depend how safe you want to be, how much fuel you what to save, and how much money you want to spend.

You can't put a price on the safety of the people in your vehicle and with the tyres being only part of the vehicle which is in contact with the road it means it' the only part which is keeping you on that road!

So which tyres to choose?

Budget tyres - They will be cheaper than the mid range and premium tyres but that’s about the only positive. Tests show budget tyres ARE NOT built up of the same excellent compounds of mid range and premium tyres. They will not be as safe on the road and braking distances will increase. The tyre labeling may look good but they are only two of the areas tested shown. As the compounds aren't as good as more expensive tyres they may not last as long. If you do very very few miles per year you will probably not notice the wear and budget only may benefit you. If you do an average amount of miles you will certainly notice you will be changing your tyres earlier than expected.

Mid Range Tyres - We offer a great selection of mid range tyres in Wolverhampton. These will provide you with an excellent substitute to a premium tyre. Being a mid range they do not cost as much as the premium brands but are an awful lot better than budget tyres so its recommended to always at least start your search with these. The mid range term gives away what they do, not seen as a premium tyre but seen better than a budget with the standards meeting half way between these two. Our GT range are our recommended brand as we give the best possible price but offering a tyre that will keep you safe in your vehicle without costing the earth.

Premium Tyres - As you know, these are all the tyres you've seen on TV and adverts. They are seen as the best possible options for vehicles on the road. They boast having great wear and longevity as well as being able to save you fuel whilst driving. They do come at a price but they will keep you safe and you will not need to worry about the quality of the tyre.


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